Giorgi Amirkhanashvili

vice president

He was born on May 20, 1987 in Tbilisi. In Tbilisi.
1993 - 2003 He studied at the 60th secondary school in Tbilisi. 
After graduating from school in 2003. Successfully passed the entrance exams and enrolled in Tbilisi Iv. Javakhishvili State University, Faculty of Law.
In 2009 he graduated from the faculty and was awarded a bachelor's degree in law.
In 2007 he was elected a member of the Board of the Association by the General Assembly for the Protection of Children with Diabetes and was appointed Vice-President of the Association.
Since 2008, as Vice-President of the Association, he has been coordinating the rehabilitation component of the state program "Treatment and Rehabilitation of Diabetic Children and Adolescents".
In 2006 Giorgi Amirkhanashvili At the initiative, the sports club "Rubicon" was founded on the basis of the association. 
The football team of this club is "Rubicon", of which it is the captain C. Amirkhanashvili 2006 He took the honorable 2nd place in mini football in the "Bendela Cup".
Giorgi Amirkhanashvili During his student days he was actively involved in university student life. In particular, with his initiative and participation, various mini-football tournaments were held, for which he was awarded honorary diplomas and awards. 
Giorgi Amirkhanashvili, As a diabetic (he has diabetes since the age of 3) participates in international conferences and congresses from an early age. In particular, at the congresses of the European Diabetes Education Association (EASD): Jerusalem (2000), Glasgow (2001), Paris (2003), Athens (2005), Amsterdam (2007) and Rome (2008). He is the co-author of several monographs and scientific papers.
In 2009 he passed the training of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce in the field of business management.